Learn English !

This website has been made for the purpose of learning English to give support to any people living abroad, in any countries where English is the main language.Even if you are not livng abroad, this website will still help you to learn English.It contains more than 300 videos of English courses. Courses are classified into five main themes:

 I - English phonemes : for learning English sounds in order to correctly pronounce and articulate the English sounds.

 II - English grammar : for the complete mastery of the key points of English grammar.

 III - English verbs : for the study of English verbs, especially verbal sentences, the meaning cannot always be obvious for a foreigner.

 IV - English Vocabulary : About an hundred videos to learn the vocabulary you need to know. 

 V - English Slang : to speak and understand colloquial English spoken by the English on a daily basis.

This website site gives you the necessary tools for successfuly learning of English and does not require any fees. So, You just have to start. Let's go !